Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thoughts on the "Bigfoot in Ohio clear video 2012"

  So this video shows a mystery dirtbike (or other ATV) rider riding down a trail while filming. That in itself seems a bit dangerous, unless it is a helmet camera. The "Bigfoot" first appears around 0:07. It takes three steps to get across the trail and disappears into the brush. There is no sound due to the ATV. The rider then veers off the trail and turns around. During the slow motion segment at the end of the video, one thing in particular stands out: the arms. The creature's arms are short. That doesn't match up which the description of any real Sasquatch.

  Another thing: the trail is definitely smaller than a road. I don't know how many reports I've read that say that a Sasquatch has taken three or four steps to get across a road. Why does it take this one three steps to get across a small trail? That doesn't make much sense.

 Yet another thing: why does the creature only show up to cross a trail in front of a fast moving ATV and then immediately disappear, never to be seen again once it crosses the trail? That just smells like hoax.

  A little background on the video. The description on youtube says that it was filmed in northeast Ohio, near Grand River. The river runs through, Geauga, Trumbull, Ashtabula, and Lake Counties. All of which are densely populated. On the BFRO database, Astabula has six reports, Lake has one, Geauga has 7, and Trumbull has 4. However, nearby Portage County has 18 reports.

  Verdict time. In my opinion, this video is a hoax. The stride, arm length, and timing just don't add up.

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