Saturday, November 12, 2011

MoMo the Monster

   The MoMo is a local legend of Missouri. The name 'MoMo' is a shortened from 'Missouri (MO) Monster.' It is reported to feature a pumpkin-shaped head with hair covering the eyes and body. The fur/hair covering the creature is black colored. It stands approximately 7 feet tall. The MoMo resembles a man and emits a terrible odor. It has been reported to eat dogs.
   The first sightings of the MoMo occurred in 1971 when several people reported seeing the creature up and down the banks of the Mississippi River. Joan Mills and Mary Ryan were the first to see it. For about two weeks in 1972, tracks were found and submitted to Lawrence Curtis, the director at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden. He deemed the tracks a hoax. The tracks are unique in the fact that they only show three toes. 
An illustration depicting the creature.
The sightings of the MoMo persist in Missouri and the surrounding areas. Although it seems that sightings of the more generic Sasquatch outnumber the sightings of the MoMo.

There are two sightings of the MoMo that generally stand out. in 1971, a group of picnickers spotted the MoMo come out of the woods. They locked themselves in their car, while the creature ate their food. In 1972, local children reported seeing the creature walk past them carrying a dead dog. Soon after a farmer reported a flash of light, growls, and the MoMo's stench.

   Some people believe that the MoMo is an alien due to its sudden appearance and strange behavior. There has also been some speculation that the creature is related to the occult. Apparently the creature seems to have a distaste for Christianity.

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