Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rancher startles a bigfoot while burning trash outside Daingerfield, Texas

YEAR: 2004SEASON: Fall
MONTH: October
DATE: Monday
COUNTY: Morris County
STATE: Texas
NEAREST TOWN: Daingerfield, Texas
OBSERVED: It was in the early autumn,while I was burning feed sacks out behind the bunk house. The sacks were damp so I tossed a cup of gas on the still small flame and it made a roaring sound and flames shot up in the air about 5 feet. It was immediately after that, I heard a noise behind me. It can best be described as a (gasp/startled) sound and limbs breaking. I turned quickly and saw a very tall, maybe 7 feet, reddish-brown bigfoot running back into the woods. As I said it was tall, rather lean looking, barrel chested, no neck. The head, from the side view seemed to be slightly pointed, but that could have been a trick of the light. It had a slim waist, compared to the size of the chest. It had a very long stride, for it didn't take 5 to 10 seconds before it was in the thick woods and I lost sight of it.
I waited until the fire was going good, went and got my gun, I wasn't aiming to shoot it, I just felt safer with the gun, and I went out to where I saw it and found no tracks, because of the thick leaves and ground clutter. At the time forest was virgin and could not pick up a trail.
Earlier that year, late summer, something broke a big limb, about 4" in diameter, off a sweetgum tree not 15 feet from where I burned the feed sacks. But this was done at night and no one saw or heard anything.

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Morris county has a total population of 13,048 and has had negative population growth at many of the U.S. Censuses. Daingerfield has a population of 2,517. Morris County is a dry county. No alcohol is sold in this county. The BFRO database records one other sighting in Morris County.

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