Friday, June 27, 2014

Sundance, Utah, Bigfoot Video

This is the original video. The video's description provides some insight as to why these people were randomly recording as they drove along at night and why the woman in the video was saying "he was right here." From the description: "We were driving near Sundance Utah just outside of Provo Utah in the Provo Canyon. We saw something in the trees so we turned around as quickly as possible. That is when we began filming, at the point where we had turned around and were on the way back to see if we could see it again. We didn't know until we got home and reviewed the video that we captured this footage of what might be a bigfoot or sasquatch."

You can choose whether or not you want to believe that, but it seems to be at least a valid explanation. Below is a slowed down video that gives a better look at the subject in question.

Still not a very good video. From that brief clip, the arms of the creature look to be too short to match with eyewitness reports of a creature with longer arms. But, since the video is rather poor and the view of the actual subject is very short, I cannot be certain of the actual length of the arms. Below is a clip that is stabilized.

There sill isn't much to go on here. I'm not sure what to think about this video. The creature does recoil from the light projected by the car's headlights. I don't see any eyeshine at all from the subject. Since human's eyes do not shine, that certainly makes a case that this is just a human in a suit. Also, the positioning of the creature is just a little too cliche. Between two trees just chilling? Hmmm.... Unless the people behind this video are able to give a little more background on the video as well as their own lives (did they believe in Bigfoot beforehand, how much did they know, do they have anything to gain from this video, etc.) I'm ready to call this video a hoax.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Yetis Are Actually Polar Bears

"Sykes said Thursday that the tests showed the creatures were not related to modern Himalayan bears but were direct descendants of the prehistoric animal.

He said, 'it may be a new species, it may be a hybrid' between polar bears and brown bears.

'The next thing is go there and find one.'"

The Blaze has the full story.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Bigfoot Photos from Pennsylvania?

John Stoneman, 57, captured three photographs of what appears to be a large, dark, bipedal creature moving through the woods in the area of Kinzua Bridge State Park near Bradford, Pennsylvania. For the full story and a video, click here.
There are several things that I noticed about the subject of the pictures. In the last two, there appears to be something shiny on the subject. I've circled them in blue below.

These objects don't appear to be natural. An exception would be the bottom object circled on the second image. This could be a tree branch or log. Another thing that I noticed, especially in the first image, is the distinct green tint on the "fur" of the subject. 
As I read through the comments on the original article, I noticed someone had a very interesting theory. The commenter suggested that the objects in question could simply be root balls from trees that had fallen over.
I think whatever your theory, we can all agree that this is likely not a Sasquatch and more likely someone in a Ghillie suit or something as simple as dirt stuck to the roots of a downed tree.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Animal Calls in Comparison to Sasquatch Calls

A few years back, I did a little piece on this subject. This time, it's going to be a much better post. Let's start off with a very common animal. The black bear.
Many skeptics claim that man Bigfoot sightings are just bears that are mistaken for the Big Guy. While that's for another discussion, you can tell that bear sounds are easily recognizable. It is hard to imagine most people mistaking bear sounds for Sasquatch sounds. The growls bears make could account for some cases of mistaken identity. Growls are generally pretty difficult to discern from species to species.

Mountain lions (cougars, pumas, catamounts) are, as you would expect, quite feline sounding. Once again, the growls that mountain lions make could be mistaken for a Sasquatch.
An elk's bugle could possibly be mistaken for a Sasquatch's scream. Any elk hunter or someone who lives in the same areas as elk would be able to identify them, however.

Just to clear this up, this is what screech owls sounds like. They don't actually screech. They trill.

Here are wolves howling. As you can tell, they are very distinctive. I don't believe that they are responsible for many cases of mistaken identity when it comes to Sasquatches.

Here's a coyote. There's definitely no way that this little yippy guy could be mistaken for a Sasquatch.

The only things that I could think of that could be mistaken for Sasquatches that I didn't put in here are cars, ATVs, or chainsaws in the distance. Now for the Squatches. 

Until next time, keep on Squatching.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Latest Bigfoot Caught on Trailcam

Here's a short analysis. The hind legs are far too short for the subject to be a Sasquatch. The feet also appear to be too short. Both the legs and feet resemble that of a bear. However, there is still a chance that it could be a Sasquatch. It could be an immature or underdeveloped Sasquatch. Perhaps it has some sort of genetic defect. It does appear to be a bit peculiar is that front arm. It does appear to have a homonoid look to it. Bears can, however, bend their front legs like this (to the best of my knowledge). The rump of the subject also looks a bit peculiar. However, this could be a sign of a sick or malnourished bear.

Verdict: 90% chance of sickly bear
             8% chance of a hoax
             2% chance of a Squatch

Keep on Squatching.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Yeren: China's Wildman, Part 2

Also known as the Yiren, Yeh Ren, and the Man-Monkey, the Yeren has been seen for centuries in China's Hubei Province and surrounding areas. 

Gansu region, 1940. A biologist by the name of Wang Tselin claimed that a Yeren had been killed. He claims to have examined the body. It was allegedly a female that measured over six feet tall. He said it appeared to be a cross between a man and an ape. 

Also in 1940, a geologist by the name of Fan Jingquan reported his own sighting of the Yeren in nearby Shanxi Province, which is home to the Taihang Mountains. He claims to have seen two of the beasts. He
The Taihang Mountains. Source.
believed that they were a mother and a son. 

1961, Xishuang Dai Autonomous Prefecture. Located in southern Yunnan Province, this sighting is very unique. Road builders claimed that they had killed a female Yeren. However, when investigators from the Chinese Academy of Sciences came to see for themselves, the body was nowhere to be found. The road team revealed that they creature was only four feet tall and the investigators concluded that it was just a gibbon.
A Gibbon. Source.
Some years after the investigation, however, one of the investigators claimed that the creature was not a gibbon, but was something unknown. So did the researchers fabricate the report? Did they actually see the body? (Further research on my own part will be discussed in Part 3). For the record, Yunnan is home to very lush jungles and borders Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, which are also home to lush jungles. 

May 14th, 1976. Shennongjia. Six men were driving when they spotted an unusual creature. It was standing in the road and was clearly visible in their headlights. It had no tail, reddish fur, and resembled the Yeren legend. This sighting led to a large expedition of scientists, photographers, and the military. They carried rifles, tranquilizer guns, various recording equipment, and dog teams. Apparently, they were on the trail of the Yeren and had even spotted the elusive beast several times. The expedition came to an end when a soldier accidentally shot himself in the leg. So solid proof was collected as a result of this expedition. 

In 1980, another large expedition was started. It lasted until 1985. It took place in the Shennongjia Forest. The most evidence was captured on Mount Quiangdao, where over 200 footprints were found. They measured 18 inches long and whatever made them had a stride of six feet. The research teams also recorded many eyewitness accounts from the area. 

So what exactly is the Yeren? In 1988, hairs that had been collected were compared to other species. It was concluded that the hair was not human, any type of native bear, monkey, or ape. It was something different. 
Hundreds of other casts of footprints have been made. Sightings continue. Unusual scat has been found. Is the Yeren a remnant of the Gigantopithecus blacki? Or is it something different altogether? Until next time, keep Squatching.
The Yeren Cave in Hubei Province. Source.

Information from this article was found at Unknown Explorers and Wikipedia. Several articles are directly linked to Wikipedia in the text above.